Care Centers

and Services

WIH is the center of world-class surgeons providing 3 categories of specialized surgeries
which are Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Minimally Invasive
Surgery. The goal of WIH is to become the best-specialized surgery hospital in Thailand and among the top five of Asia. WIH Hospital will become a new choice for the complete scope of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Specialized Endoscopic Surgery
using high technology equipment to answer the need for first-class medical treatment in
surgery market.


Moreover, WIH also offers other medical services covering basic to specialized medical treatments. Our physicians are licensed by the country’s medical council to practice their specialty in Thailand. The large percentage of our medical staff are very fluent in English
who graduated from reputable medical schools.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center


WIH’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center is our core medical service. This is led by Dr.Chettawut Tulayaphanich who
is specialized in numerous plastic and
reconstructive procedures, especially for
the transgender patient group (male to
a female).

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    Apart from talented surgeons and medical members, the department also utilizes high-quality medical equipment, prosthetics, supplies and advanced surgical techniques to achieve the best possible and satisfying results.


    The center offers cosmetic surgeries for the face, breast, body, and transgender focused procedures such as Sex Reassignment Surgery, Facial Feminization, and Voice Surgery. Post-operative care services will also be offered like hormone replacement therapy and voice training by a voice specialist.

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Aesthetic Skin Center


The Aesthetic Skin Center will cater to various skin problems and treatments. Patients will receive the most effective method of treatment for their skin concerns by our team of professional dermatologists. The team is composed of specialists who are board-certified and highly experienced
in treating skin conditions and aesthetic dermatology. All dermatology medical equipment is sophisticated and the
products used are certified safe and


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    The highlight procedures are our tailored facial skin treatment with numerous choices to suit patient satisfaction; for example, skin injection with Botox or fillers, IV nutrition to directly deliver vitamins to the body and acne program starting from early treatment to scar management.

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Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Center


WIH’s Orthopedic & Sports Medicine
Center aims to be one of the best
orthopedic centers in Bangkok. Our
board-certified orthopedic surgeons

are dedicated to providing compassionate
care to our patients. Patients will benefit
from knowledgeable and skillful specialists
specialized in comprehensive medical services
especially bone and joint injuries or other
related conditions.

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    In addition to orthopedic surgeons, the center also teamed up with rheumatologists, physical therapists, sports injury, physical rehabilitation experts and well-trained nurses. The center is also equipped with
    the latest orthopedic and physical rehabilitation equipment to ensure that
    all patients will receive premium care.


    WIH Orthopedic Center offers every type of spine surgery; both Spine Intervention and Endoscopic Spine surgery to treat sports-related injuries like arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament/rotator cuff surgery and joint replacement surgery.

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Wellness Center


WIH’s Wellness Center will offer you a comprehensive holistic and personalized approach to health and healing that combines lifestyle recommendations, preventive care, various alternative, and conventional medical procedures to
optimize patients’ physical, mental and emotional health.

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    WIH Wellness Center consists of a team of dedicated professionals assisting patients to focus on feeling better and looking better. WIH Medical Gym is a part of the wellness center with medical-grade fitness instruments where patients who had surgery or had been injured or completed the physical therapy courses can continue to exercise to gain their strength with very close supervision by our certified doctors and staff.

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General Surgery Center


WIH’s General Surgery Center performs minimally invasive procedures through
the use of an endoscope for the purpose
of minimizing the wound size and decreasing the level of damage at
the treated area for faster and better


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    The center offers several procedures like gastric sleeve surgery to reduce the size

    of the stomach for those who suffer from obesity as well as gastroscopy & colonoscopy as a diagnostic and preventive
    procedure, abdominal laparoscopic surgery
    and gynecologic related treatments like

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Dental Center


The Dental Center at WIH provides a comprehensive general and specialized dental procedures for our local and international patients.


The department's expertise focuses
on dental implants and cosmetic
dentistry. All dentists are qualified and competent to perform the procedures
safely and follow the standards of

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    The center also offers cosmetic dental procedures ranging from teeth whitening
    to dental veneers to enhance the beautiful smile. The more advanced procedures,
    for example, Maxillofacial surgery, are also offered. Our dental specialists will work together closely with plastic surgeons to provide the best result.

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Trauma-Emergency Center


WIH's Trauma-Emergency Center is equipped and staffed with expert medical personnel to provide care to patients who have acquired major traumatic injuries from falls and vehicular accidents on Bangna-Trat road, which is known to be an accident-prone area.

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    An ambulance with updated life-saving equipment installed for receiving and
    sending patients under the care of our doctor and nurse team is also available.


    The hospital has an emergency medical service for 24 hours to ensure the
    availability and readiness at all times.

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Gynecology Center


The Gynecology Center focuses on prevention, early detection, and treatment using fast and advanced diagnostic tests and comprehensive treatment modalities.
It includes general treatment and surgery
for women (e.g. tumor removal and Hysterectomy) to Female-to-Male transgender health in coordination with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialists.

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    The center provides Elderly Care services with extensive methods of treatment to manage menopausal-related conditions.
    Also, our physicians and clinical nurses
    will provide a professional service for
    health consultation, HPV vaccination, Cervical Screening, and others.

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Medicine Center


WIH’s Medicine Center offers a wide range of services from Health Check-up Programs for patients of all ages to Specialized Internal Medicine, for example, cardiac medicine for pre and post-operative patients.


Moreover, the ICU department, with
7 private and a negative pressure

ICU room, is also available to take care
of patients with severe conditions or
post-operative patients with underlying

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    The critical care specialist, cardiologist,
    and chest medicine specialist are in
    charge of this section of care.

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Endocrinology Center


The Endocrinology Center focuses on hormonal treatment for groups of patients such as elderly menopausal issues and transgender hormone replacement therapy, men and women suffering from diseases caused by hormonal imbalance and issues with metabolism.

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    Our team of endocrinologists will conduct standard tests and thorough health assessments to diagnose, determine the proper treatment and provide individualized and quality care for each patient to restore hormone balance and achieve maximum health.

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Rehabilitation Center


WIH’s Rehabilitation Center provides
a full range of services to help
patients recover from the surgery

as well as prevent post-operative injury
and diseases.

Mental Health Center


The Mental Health Center is staffed with professional and friendly psychologists
and psychiatrists to support patients of
all ages and groups to achieve optimum
mental health.

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    Our team consists of Physiatrists (Rehabilitation Physicians) who will
    conduct the patient assessment and
    develop individual treatment plans and Physical Therapists who will train the patients to restore strength, mobility, balance, and achieve optimum function.


    The Center is equipped with rehabilitative appliances necessary to assist patients requiring long term care and those with orthopedic conditions such as fractures,
    foot and ankle injury, total joint replacement as well as neurological conditions such as stroke and spine injury.

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    The center will cater to patients with various mental health challenges like inability to manage stress, mood disorders, major depression, panic & anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, family or relationship problems, transgender issues, and others.


    Standard diagnostic tests and psychological evaluations will be carried out to diagnose and determine the appropriate pharmacologic treatment and therapies
    or counseling needed for each patient.

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Patient Relation Center


The Patient Relation Center is
established combining the medical
team working with our administrative
team to provide streamlined access,
individualized service as well as cultural
support for our domestic and international patients.

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    Our coordinating physicians and nurses
    will be assisted by native-speaking staff available in more than 10 languages. This aims to make the patient's experience more convenient and comfortable throughout
    the whole process from the initial email correspondence to the surgery scheduling process, hotel reservation and transportation arrangement, consultation & follow up process and recovery at the hospital ward.

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Radiology and
Imaging Center


WIH’s Radiology & Imaging Center
aims to manage and carry the
cutting-edge technologies in radiology
and medical diagnoses. The precise
imaging services can assist our physician with the early detection of disease
and management of an underlying


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    Our experienced staff and highly skilled radiologists are committed to providing
    the timeliest and most accurate medical imaging and interventional radiologic services.


    The center is equipped with high technology x-ray instruments like X-ray and CT scans. Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, and Mammogram are also available. The
    results will be in a digital format for convenient access from the consultation room or any department in the hospital.

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