Innovative Facility

Programming and Planning

WIH has been designed with innovative facility programming and planning to provide efficient workflow

and minimize space requirements. We have simplified visitor, patient and staff circulation throughout

the building to optimize workflow, upheld patient privacy and security.  We have also implemented design detailing and environmental elements that focus on the safety and well-being of patients
making it conducive for healing, comfort, and relaxation.


The building was designed to conform to standards from JCI - Joint Commission International,

NFPA – National Fire Protection Agency, UL – Underwriters Lab, AIA Healthcare Facilities Guidelines,

FGI – Facilities Guidelines Institute, and ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and

Air-Conditioning Engineers for a safer environment for occupants and to further extend the lifecycle

of the facility.

Major Design Features

Surgery Department


WIH International Hospital will be one of the first, if

not the first, private hospital in Thailand to successfully implement a double corridor and pressurized clean-core design into the Surgery Department.


These features will allow efficient and effective workflow and will also effectively separate the traffic of staff, patients, visitors, and materials to avoid cross contamination. It will also provide clear workflow
control points, safeguards for sterilized material,
overall greater control of the supply chain of materials, and provide exceptional patient privacy and security.


This department consists of a total of 9 Operating Rooms.

ICU Department


WIH International Hospital will be one of the first, if not the first,

private hospital in Thailand to provide a decentralized nurse station for a unique design solution featuring full glass walls at staff corridor areas in the ICU Department to provide comfort and privacy with uncompromising direct line-of-sight supervision for every patient while integrating a nurse station for effective staff charting and supervision of critical patients.


This design allows for effective staff allocation based on the specific needs for each case.

Emergency Department


The Emergency Department is conveniently located
at ground level for easy access and provide urgent treatments.


This department is carefully designed and planned
close to the other important departments and
functions for efficient critical patient management.


Moreover, this department implements a resuscitation area/room that is immediately accessible from the department entrance, observation rooms, and
procedure areas.


The design also includes a casting room and a homogeneous flooring with anti-static, slip-resistant
and anti-bacterial properties throughout the entire department.

Outpatient Department: OPD


The outpatient department located on the 2nd Floor is planned with a modern and comfortable environment. It features a comprehensive range of specialized medical offerings within one facility to ensure that patients have access to a wide range of services.


The Outpatient Department is one of the busiest departments in

the hospital from numerous patients and hospital staff. The area
is designed to provide efficient and functional spaces for everyone.


Separated elevator cores for visitor/outpatient and staff/inpatient assist in traffic flow organization. Escalators link the main entrance and retail spaces on the first floor for enjoyable, convenient and easy access.

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    Patient registration, information, cashier and the pharmacy are conveniently located within the outpatient department area for
    fast and effective service to patients.


    The outpatient department also offers a high level of privacy and security for patients that require an exceptional level of service, privacy, and security with a separate VIP waiting room, consultation and exam room with private access.


    The outpatient department on level 5 is also a comprehensive patient service center that provides all necessary services within
    the department area.


    The atmosphere for this area has been carefully planned and designed. Patients visiting this area will not feel like patients of a medical institution but more like visitors at a luxury hotel. Patients will feel an atmosphere of comfort, rejuvenation, and modern elegance.


    WIH Skin and Wellness Center, under the operation of an experienced team of multi-specialty doctors, provides holistic
    and customized medical treatments, fitness programs, diet programs, and supplements. This department will utilize the
    latest innovations and technology to ensure that patients receive accurate and customized treatments with a holistic approach.


    A Medical Gym is open to members that require guidance or
    special assistance. The gym is also suitable for VIP members
    that require precise fitness programs and progress monitoring.
    The gym also provides privacy and security. Patients from the Orthopedic Department, who are in the stages of rehabilitation
    and reconditioning, can also benefit from this medical gym.


    Sports medicine doctors and certified personal trainers ensure patients receive appropriate training utilizing the latest equipment and technology and track patient’s progress data which medical teams and patients utilize for assessments and treatments. Outpatient center located on the 2nd Floor is planned with a
    modern and comfortable environment. It features a comprehensive range of specialized medical offerings within one facility to ensure patients effectively receive access to a wide range of services

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Inpatient Department: IPD


The Inpatient Department at WIH International
Hospital is planned with modern design elements
and a design character that is typically found in hospitality environments which provides a great
level of comfort, relaxation, and privacy.


Private patient rooms are designed to receive abundant natural light, accent and decorative lighting. The exterior window of inpatient rooms will provide diffused daylight
at the ceiling surface reflected from the building facade. Integrating this ‘light-shelf’ at the exterior window provides soft and soothing natural lighting to the
patient room's atmosphere.Multiple studies show
evidence that good lighting design that incorporates
multiple lighting levels and abundant natural light that
illuminates portions of the room assist in the healing
process and is an important element to regulate
the circadian cycle or biological clock of a patient in

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    WIH International Hospital offers a wide range of private patient room types to provide options for patient’s accommodations, including 2 VIP rooms with amenities. Every patient room offers basic satellite television to provide a wide range of international TV-channels from various regions of the world so patients can find a
    source of entertainment in their home language. High-speed broadband internet service and Wi-Fi is also provided.


    The Nurse station is centrally located to provide assistance and supervision. Homogeneous flooring is applied throughout with anti-static, slip-resistant and
    anti-bacterial properties.

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