Payment for treatments and services at WIH International Hospital can be made by either self-payment or through health insurance. Please find more details on each type of payment available below.

Types of payment available

  • • Cash

    We accept payment by cash in Thai Baht and other currencies with our announced exchange rate.

  • • Wire Transfer (also known as bank wire transfers and bank cash transfers)

    We accept payment made by money transfer into WIH International Hospital Account. For detail of wire transfer, please contact our customer service at (+66) 0 2078 8919.

  • • Credit/Debit Card

    We accept payment made by credit cards using the following international payment networks: VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay. Payment made by Thai debit card is also accepted.

  • • E-Payment

    We accept payment made via Payment Gateway, Thai QR, and Payment Link by Visa, MasterCard and JCB Credit cards as well as Thai debit cards, AMEX, Alipay, WeChat Pay and UPI.

  • • Cheques

    We do not accept any other cheques except for cashier cheque.

Non-supported payment

  • • Personal Cheque, Entity Cheque and Traveler’s Cheque

  • • Non-Thai Debit Cards

    Disclaimer: The exchange rate will be based on the local bank’s rate. If patient is to be refunded by credit line, it will be refunded in Thai Baht which will be converted into patient’s home currency at the destination bank and is subject to the bank exchange rate, and the buying and selling rate.

Payment, Deposit, Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

Hospital policy on insured patient

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