Liposuction is a surgical solution to remove local fat deposits in the specific areas on the body and face for a more defined and better-looking appearance. With cutting-edge aesthetic technology, Vaser liposuction successfully offers superior outcomes to traditional liposuction technology.


Despite staying healthy, some parts of the body of most people are still unbalanced with local fat deposits, resulting in unpleasant body and facial shapes. This is due to genetic reasons and the aging process which make exercising and being on diet unable to get rid of the local fat deposits (stubborn fat) people desire. Liposuction is very helpful in removing the stubborn fat for achieving a more defined, fascinating body and facial appearance that caters to desires of each individual. 


Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is an advanced technology approved by USFDA and Thai FDA that delivers a safe liposuction solution with a very little chance of complications and less downtime.

The benefit of Vaser liposuction includes the ability to remove local fat deposits directly in specific areas by utilizing ultrasound technology. Compared to traditional liposuction, this technology is able to dissolve fat cells, enabling more effective removal of local fat deposits without impairing underlying tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, etc.. The heat derived from ultrasound technology also delivers the skin-tightening effect as well as offers fast recovery with the best possible aesthetic outcome with a reduced chance of uneven skin or skin rippling after liposuction.

However, liposuction is not designed with the purpose to lose weight, or replace regular exercise and dieting. After liposuction, patients are recommended to maintain routine exercise and control the diet regularly to attain the best long-lasting result.


Type of Anesthesia:   Local or general anesthesia, depending on how many areas to be performed

Operation Time:         1 – 3 hour (depending on which area) plus 1 hour per area

Length of Stay:          No admission (local anesthesia) 

   2 day 1 night stay (general anesthesia)


  1. The compression garment is worn day and night 24 hours during the first 2 – 4 weeks after surgery
  2. Continue wearing the compression garment for 2-3 months or as advised by the doctor.
  3. Take medicine strictly as prescribed.
  4. During the first 1-3 days, there may be saline or blood seeping from the wound. This is normal. If the wound is watery, the wound should be replaced with a gauze dressing at least once a day.
  5. You are allowed to start showering as advised by the doctor. It is recommended to cover the wound with waterproof plaster.
  6. Refrain from exercising, lifting heavy objects or doing work that affects the liposuction area at least 1 month
  7. Swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, or itching may occur, which is temporary, and can be relieved and controlled by prescribed medication. After 1 – 6 months, the symptoms will disappear.
  8. To achieve the more long-lasting results, candidates are required to maintain a routine diet and exercise.


    1.   Which area can Vaser LipoSelection remove fat? 

Vaser is suitable for removing fat from various areas, including some areas where traditional liposuction cannot remove. The parts of the body comprise: upper cheeks, jaw line, under chin, neck, belly of arms, shoulder blade, chest, armpit folds, abdomen (upper belly + lower belly), waist, hips, love handle, back (upper back + lower back), buttocks, thighs (front leg + back leg + outer leg + inner leg) and knees.

    2.   Can liposuction help with sagging skin on the abdomen?

For candidates who have sagging or lumpy skin on the abdomen, tummy scratch or local fat deposits in the abdomen, patients who lost a great deal of weight, or patients who were pregnant, a tummy tuck and Vaser liposuction are a powerful combination that regain self-esteem and confidence with the best possible result.

    3.   How long does it take to see the result?

Typically, patients can see the result right after surgery. Some patients may experience swelling which will gradually subside within 2 - 4 weeks. And the final result will be noticeable after the third month and can be maintained by regular exercise and diet for the long-lasting result.

 4.   Is it possible to retreat to the same treated area using Vaser liposuction?

Patients can return for retreatment in the same areas as necessary or upon your request. Vaser liposuction is appropriate for retreatment after any type of liposuction since it can help reduce fibrosis derived from the previous liposuction rather than other types.