Buttock augmentation


Buttock augmentation, or gluteal augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure for women to improve the volume, contour and shape of the buttock. This procedure involves using silicone gel implants (buttock implant), autologous fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift), or in combination to achieve voluminous, rounded buttocks.    


Typically, candidates decide on buttock augmentation since they feel unsatisfied with the buttocks which lack volume and projection. Thus, buttock augmentation is a surgical solution designed to give the buttock silhouette a full look and enhance their self-image and self-confidence to the next level.


At WIH International Hospital, our skilled team of board-certified surgeons offers 2 comprehensive solutions of buttoct augmentation. To seek the right solution that uplifts your lifestyle with the best aesthetic outcomes possible, WIH surgeons will perform holistic assessment by considering the original shape and size of your buttocks, your skin condition (skin elasticity, skin sagging, etc.) as well as your goals of beauty.

    1.   Buttock augmentation with silicone implant

Also called buttock implant, buttock augmentation with silicone implant, involves the utilization of silicone gel implants placed under the tissues of the buttock. By performing advanced surgical techniques using well-selected FDA-approved silicone gel gluteal implants, WIH surgeons are able to help you unlock the butt curvature your way via either intramuscular or subfascial incision in the buttock crease over the tailbone to look as natural and seamless as possible with a natural-feeling outcome when touched.

Buttock augmentation with silicone implant offers the advantage of leaving only a single minimal incision which will become barely visible through time, and giving a sustainable or permanent result.

    2.   Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift (BBL), or buttock augmentation with autologous fat transfer, is a minimally invasive technique designed to transfer your own fat (autologous fat grafting) from one area of the body into the tissues of your buttocks, which can provide a safe and more natural result.

Brazilian butt lift offers the advantage of requiring no incision and giving the most natural results. However, since roughly 20 - 40 percent of the injected fat can be naturally absorbed by your body, you may see the ultimate results after 6 months. In some cases, touch-ups are required to maintain or achieve the desired results.


Buttock augmentation with silicone implant

Type of Anesthesia:   General anesthesia

Operation Time:         2 hours 

Length of Stay:          2 days 1 night

Brazilian Butt Lift

Type of Anesthesia:   Local anesthesia or general anesthesia upon request with additional fee.

Operation Time:         2 hours 

Length of Stay:          you can return home on the same day (local anesthesia)

                           2 days 1 night (General anesthesia)


  1. After surgery, buttock implant patients will have a drainage tube to reduce bruising and swelling. The tube will be removed within 3 days, and stitches will be removed within 1 week. During this time, protect your wound from water.
  2. Pain is well-managed by taking medication as prescribed.
  3. Clean your stitches as advised by your surgeon to prevent infection.
  4. Wear compression garments properly all day and night for 3 weeks to help support skin contract, keep the implants and/or transferred fat in place and help with bruising and swelling.
  5. For Brazilian butt lift patients, avoid sitting for a period not less than 2 weeks to protect transferred fat.
  6. Avoid strenuous activity and exercise for at least 2 months.


    1.   Will buttock implants leak?

Buttock implants are elastic and soft when touched but much stronger than breast implants. They provide a firm feeling like a real muscle and won’t leak as they are made of an elastomer.

    2.   Does weight loss affect results after buttock augmentation?

For both buttock implant and Brazilian butt lift patients, it is best to keep weight stable since weight changing or frustration can affect results after surgery.