Post-operative Instructions for SRS


1. No smoking

Smoking will be absolutely not allowed at least the first 2 weeks after sex reassignment surgery.

The toxic constituents of cigarette smoke particularly nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces oxygen and nutritional blood flow to the skin, resulting in tissue ischemia and impaired wound healing and even causing skin necrosis.

2. Activities

You are expected to stay only in your hotel room for sufficient rest and proper healing during the first 2 weeks of recovery after sex reassignment surgery. Some light activities, for example taking food at the dining room or chatting at the hotel lobby, is possible after 2 week recovery from SRS, however you should ask our nurses if you are already fit enough to do such activities.

3. Medication

We offer all necessary medications all throughout your recovery in Thailand and also home medications taken while recovering in your country without additional charge.

It is necessary to strictly follow our medication instruction and complete the prescribed course of your prophylactic antibiotic therapy. Potent pain reliever (Narcotic like medication- for example tramadol) is routinely provided to ensure that you are feeling comfortable.

You are not allowed to take Estrogen Hormones during your recovery in Thailand because it may put you at risk for DVT (development of blood clots on deep veins of the legs) while taking your flight back home. You can resume your HRT (Hormonal replacement therapy) as soon as you arrive home.

Later on, you can probably reduce your estrogen dose and completely discontinue androgen suppressors, however this delicate adjustment should be taken care of by your hormone specialist.

4. Type of food

4.1 For sex reassignment surgery with skin graft technique, both full liquid and soft diet are allowed by WIH SRS surgeon during your first week of recovery.

Example of recommended full liquid & soft diet: 

Carbohydrate source: Cream soup, Cereals such as oatmeal and cornflakes, Soft breads and muffins, Pancake.
Protein source: Scrambled egg or Soft-boiled egg, Fish without bones such as tuna or salmon.
Fat source: Chocolate milk, Ice cream, Yoghurt.
Mineral & Vitamin source: Canned fruit without seeds or skin, Bananas, Cantaloupe.

Regular food can be taken after the first week of recovery. That includes vegetables, meats, poultry, beans, rice, pasta, nuts or any food that requires chewing.

4.2 For sex reassignment surgery with colon graft technique, only clear liquid diet and then full liquid diet are allowed step by step during your first week of recovery.

After you resume your bowel movement, the soft diet will be allowed which is normally on the second week of your recovery. Regular food can be resumed when you are back in your country.

Nursing care at hotel & WIH’s post-operative SRS care kit

Our highly qualified surgical nurses who have known all details of your surgery will come to visit your daily at the selected afflicted hotels and they will do their best to provide all necessary after care for you and supervise your vaginal dilation routine.

It is WIH’s policy to provide only well-trained and specialized surgical nurses who know all the details of your surgery to closely monitor and take care of you during your recovery in our affiliated hotels.

The continuity of care from the surgery to the recovery at the hotel given by the same OR nursing staff promotes a good nurse-patient relationship and makes the performance of every nursing intervention easier as they have the knowledge of the details of the surgery and the patient’s individual case.

Upon discharge from WIH International Hospital, we will provide you the following without charge:

  1. Two SRS certificates containing the original handwritten signatures of your SRS surgeon
  2. All necessary oral medications including the detailed instruction on how to take the medications correctly.
  3. A set of SRS care kit

How to plan for recovery at home after sex reassignment surgery

  1. You should get plenty of rest during the first 2 months after surgery and also stay away from stress as much as possible.
  2. You may do light activities but do not lift objects heavier than 5 pounds.
  3. Short regular walks are preferable to long walks especially within the first 2 months after surgery.
  4. A gradual return to work is recommended, such as starting off with light duties or reduced hours.

Activity restrictions during 3 months after sex reassignment surgery

To ensure your complete healing, it is necessary to avoid any activities which may cause wound tear or wound complication. The example activities which are strictly forbidden during 3 month recovery from SRS are as follows:

  1. Stretch or spread the labia in order to clean or see or take a photo.
  2. Sexual intercourse
  3. Strenuous activities or any activities which may put pressure against the genital area, for example, hiking uphill, horseback riding, bicycling or motorcycle riding.
  4. Play sports or do exercises which are susceptible to acute overstretching of the genital area include yoga, aerobic dancing, pilates.