Vision and Mission



Our vision is to be a leading specialized surgical hospital in the Asian region providing high-quality care and services equivalent to the world’s best-specialized hospitals focusing on plastic / reconstructive and beauty related services.



1. Patient safety and health are at the center of our mission. To

   ensure these values remain a top priority, WIH hospital has been

   designed and operates to comply with international standards

   such as Joint Commission International (JCI), etc. Our goal will be

   to receive JCI accreditation which is considered the universal gold

   standard for healthcare. JCI standards identify, measure and

   continuously update and improve on best practices, quality, and

   patient safety.


2. To be among the best multi-specialty healthcare facilities in the

   Asian region and to be recognized among the top medical tourism

   destinations for international patients as well as best Specialized

   Hospitals in Thailand for domestic patients.


3. To provide high-quality care services equivalent to the world’s

   best-rated specialized hospitals offering cosmetic, orthopedic and

   general surgical services with skilled and qualified doctors and

   staff, high-quality technology and medical equipment, world-class

   facility with an efficient workflow to promote patient satisfaction,

   comfort, and safety.


4. To employ doctors and staff who are experienced and trained in

   leading medical schools in Thailand.


5. WIH Hospital will seek opportunities for affiliations and

   collaborative partnerships with other market leaders where

   we leverage strengths, resources and expertise in specialized

   areas to provide high-quality integrated healthcare services and

   enable expansion and access to new markets and new areas of

   specialized care.